Are you playing inspired golf?

Jan 23rd, 2009No Comments

I was fortunate to get to play at Ojai Valley Inn Resort last Sunday and had a very unique experience. I found myself playing very uninspired golf. You know those days when you could take it or leave it. I was surprised how I felt because I usually look forward to playing my once a month round. From a performance standpoint being uninspired created a decreased level of focus and an almost “too relaxed” attitude on the course. This did not work for me. I play my best when I am a little on edge. This improves my focus and keeps me in the present moment. I was sharing this experience with a student of mine who had just had a similar experience. He agreed that his lazy attitude created focus breakdowns and poor execution on easy shots.

So many players blame their swings for poor rounds when it could be your attitude and how inspired you are to play that day. When the attitude is not right find something about that round that will spark your interest. For me it turned into a challenge to finish strong. I found it difficult to just switch it on. This was a good lesson for me as an occasional player that I need to come to the course with the correct attitude because it can be difficult to change once in the round. Get inspired!