Golf Goals 2011

Jan 6th, 2011No Comments

Start of the year brings hope that this will be the year that your scores will go lower. So what will make this year different then last year? Making changes starts with motivation. Why do you want to achieve a certain golf goal, what will achieving that goal do for you? We are all seeking the emotion that goal achievement brings. For some it produces happiness, some it boost self-esteem, while others are just in it to prove they can push to new levels. Is the why big enough for you to finally make the time commitment to make changes. Achieving goals comes down to changing habits that don’t serve you. Take an honest look at your golf game and pinpoint the 3 biggest priorities that need to be improved that will lead to the ultimate outcome goal. I have talked a lot about goal setting in my book and articles and the key component that is never discussed is sacrifice. Goal setting can be a positive experience because it gets you excited about the future and the possibilities. The problem comes when you first implement the plan to achieve the goals. Here you have old habits that need to be retrained and possibly removing some time from other activities. Are you willing to make the sacrifices to make those changes? When I was playing professionally I wasn’t willing to sacrifice time with my wife and family. I always felt guilty about practicing and playing so much. Does this make me soft, maybe, but I knew I wasn’t going to do the work necessary to get to the highest level. So instead of beating my head against the wall, I made a career change that allowed me to do something I love, that challenged me, and I could be the family man I wished to be. This is an extreme example, yet we are all pulled in many different directions in our life and to achieve your goals you need to understand somethings will be sacrificed. If you know that going in you will have a better opportunity to stay focused on what is necessary to achieve your goals. Make 2011 a great year and understand having a plan is great, taking action on the plan is key.