Junior Golf Summit

Feb 7th, 2012No Comments

This is the second year I will be speaking at the Southern California Golf Association Junior Summit. These three events focus on what it takes to play college golf. Many juniors and parents don’t know all the aspects of playing at the college level. I will be speaking on the mental side of college golf. Many juniors think it is just about the scores and even though that is important, the college experience will challenge the junior on and off the course. I have seen many talented juniors who were not prepared for the academic challenges and the time management issues that college golf presents. The potential pressure increases and some fold under the pressure of playing at that level. Preparing for college golf mentally requires confidence, focus, and emotional control. Staying confident in one’s ability needs to be the foundation for the junior golfer. Improving confidence is about positive self-talk, proper preparation/practice, and seeing success beforehand. The skill of focus is about training one’s attention on what is relevant. In college there are potentially more distractions that get in the way of focusing on golf. Those that can compartmentalize will be more successful than those that bring outside issues onto the golf course. Finally emotional control is crucial. The ability to stay calm and minimize frustration will help with the long-term development at the college level. The college season is long and there are a lot of ups and downs throughout the year. Bouncing back from poor shots/rounds is a skill. Learning from experience instead of being critical is the key distinction. I loved playing college golf and wish I had been more focused, confident, and emotionally in control.