All golfers feel the same…

Dec 15th, 2008No Comments

I was fortunate to have a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Palm Desert. I was thrilled to meet so many golfers who asked me questions about the mental game and they usually would start their question with “I am the only one I know that _____”. Now, the blank could be fear of hitting bad shots, playing poorly with a spouse, or being a good practice player and not transferring it to the course. I made it clear to all of these people that they are not alone. All golfers have fears on the course, think negative thoughts, and at times hate the game. The key is what are you going to do about it. In my book I write about the mental game fundamentals and how to train them. These golfers felt there were no answers. I shared my story and other clients who have struggled with the mental game and with the right shift play better and more importantly enjoy the game more. Be honest with yourself in your mental game and start doing something about it.

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