Character Counts

Dec 10th, 2010No Comments

 I had the pleasure to interview Ted Gleason who runs and we talked about what it takes to transition from junior golf to college golf to professional golf. The answer that kept coming up was the golfer had to improve skills beyond the golf course to succeed. This included time management, motivation, and dealing with adversity. Of course improving golf skills is key, however when going up to the next level the environments change and how one handles it will affect on course performance. So many very good golfers get distracted by outside influences such as fraternities, media attention, and sponsor responsibilities that golf can easily be lost in the process. Learning how to balance your life and realizing that the better you get the more potential distractions will come up. Learn to compartmentalize your life. Put in time for practice, playing, training, and then put time in for interviews, posting to website, etc. The goal is to be 100% present with the task in front of you. By having great time management skills you will  minimize overwhelm and stay focused on your golf practice.

After time management, the ability to deal with adversity is the next key attribute of successful golfers. We all know that golf is an up and down game. How you handle these ups and downs will not only affect the current round, but will affect future rounds. Controlling emotions, using positive self-talk, and committing to a plan are the three ways to stay on course.

As your game gets better your character becomes more important. Other golfers will be looking at you more intently. How are you coming across? Strive to become a better person as you become a better golfer.

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