Do you want to play collegiate golf?

Feb 10th, 2011No Comments

I have the privilege to be apart of the Southern California Junior Summits that will be at three different locations: University of San Diego, Woodland Hills CC, and the Tiger Woods Foundation in Anaheim. The emphasis of these summits is getting junior golfers prepared for college golf. I played collegiate golf and coach many college players and know that the transition from junior to collegiate golf is a big jump. From a mental skill standpoint the pressure of constantly “qualifying” for the travel team can be a grind for some players. You have to continue to prove yourself and be on your game throughout the season. The challenge is the new environment many experience. The college life can be one of freedom, responsibilities, and time management. Are you prepared for these changes? From a golf perspective you will be playing with better players, on tougher courses. The mental skills of confidence, composure, and mental toughness are must to have a successful college career. The key is to develop a plan that has support from your parents, coaches, and professors. Understand the plan is about balancing your time academically, athletically, and socially. If any one of these gets out of balance you will not make it through successfully. If you have made it on a college team then you have the physical skills, now your mental game will be challenged. Are you mentally strong enough for the ups and downs?

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