Golf Swing Philosophy

Dec 10th, 2010No Comments

I love coaching golf and want to help my students get better and I am always looking for ways as a teaching to improve. With the advent of YouTube, Golf Channel, and all the information on the internet, being a golfer has actually become harder. Too much information leads to confusion. I was watching the Golf Channel when Tiger’s new instructor Sean Foley was on. I like Sean’s philosophy and I think Tiger will really benefit from having Sean as his coach. The only issue I have with golf instruction philosophy is that it can never be one size fits all. I have studied the same instructors that Foley has and it has helped me understand cause and effect in the golf swing. The problem lies in each person has different physical strengths and limitations that will make certain moves in the swing impossible. So whether you are looking at stack and tile, one plane swing, or Hank Haney you must understand the physical structure will determine if you can or can not do these ideas. Most requires very good spinal rotation, separation, and core strength. So please if you want to be a student of the game then take these ideas in understanding that most golfers can not do this because of physical limitations. Learn what your strengths are and understand the cause and effect of ball flight laws and you will be on your way to improvement.

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