How many junior tournaments to play in?

Aug 17th, 2011No Comments

As we the summer concludes I’m surprised how many junior golfers over extend themselves during the summer. What I mean is that parents and juniors feel compelled to play in every tournament on the schedule. The problem is that the junior has no time to practice and bad habits set in and poor performance follows. The best professional players in the world play maybe three weeks in a row and have time on Tuesday and Wednesday to practice. Juniors bounce from one tournament to another tournament with no down time and no time to practice. The pressure of rankings and competing is overshadowing proper training and long term development. I like to help juniors and parents set up a realistic schedule that includes practice, physical training, mental training, practice rounds for important events, and prioritize the best tournaments to play. In the long run, playing in one tournament a week with scheduled practice time in between is more beneficial than playing 8 tournaments in a 10 day stretch. Juniors get burned out and by the time the summer ends they don’t want to play anymore. Set up a realistic schedule that balances out training and competition. Look at long term improvement over short term results.

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