Junior Training

Oct 14th, 2010No Comments

The last five years has really opened up specific golf training for juniors.  I know through the TPI, Titleist Performance Institute, they now have certification for junior fitness trainers. What has been known for now 10 to 20 years, is there’s different golf academies throughout the world — Sweden, South Africa, Canada — that have been implementing specialty teaching and coaching to their junior golfers.  The important thing to understand is that juniors, whether you’re the age of 8, 12, or 16 have many different needs.  Children change physically, emotionally, and mentally very quickly, and need to be trained accordingly.  So when you’re looking at improving juniors’ golf games, we certainly look at the mechanics of their golf swing, and we know that teaching a five year old, who’s very weak, is different than teaching a 16 year old, who can hit the ball 300 yards.  There’s a physical difference in strengths and flexibilities and structures.  That’s the same thing with physical training now that we’re working on balance, flexibility, strength, core conditioning, explosive power, which are all important to get to the next level.  Those need to be trained at different stages depending on the age and maturity level of the junior.  Mental game training is the same way. We need to train based on the maturity level and the needs and wants of the junior golfer.  There are certainly general principles that can be applied to all training here, but it’s important to understand that each child is different. So as you now put together a great training program for a junior golfer, look at the different elements of physical training, technical training, mental training, and club fitting.  The clubs could change almost every year sometimes as they get taller and swing faster.  Just realize that when you look at specialized golf training for juniors, it’s important to know the age, maturity, and physical structure of the junior before we start to dive into these different specialty trainings.  When you put them all together, and they’re done correctly, it’s very powerful and can definitely accelerate improvement in the junior.  But if they’re done incorrectly, it can be a hindrance, it can cause injuries, and it can actually produce poor performance. So, please be careful as you now do specialized training for your junior golfer.

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