Just give me a quick fix for my slice

Feb 10th, 2011No Comments

I got back from the PGA Show in Orlando and had a great time meeting with companies and seeing the new equipment that will be available for 2011. My favorite section is the teaching aids area. Here is where every golfer would be to search for the magic gadget that would eliminate their slice and have them never 3 putt again. It became apparent that teaching aids and gadgets are important to teachers and players; however they can not be looked as the cure all. These aids can help you feel the proper motion and help a golfer identify poor mechanics. Use these aids wisely. Proper practice is still the key and integrating a teaching aid can be very beneficial. Once the teaching aid is not used you have to repeat the correct motion. Be focused during your practice so you know why you are using the training aid and once it comes off you have made a change. I admit, I was even intrigued by some of the devices and thought that I had found the “secret”.

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