Meeting with #1

Nov 24th, 2008No Comments

Back in September I had the pleasure of interviewing Top Golf Instructor Butch Harmon. I asked him about the mental game and how important it was in the game. He felt golf was 50% mechanics and 50% mental. You need both solid fundamentals and golf smarts to score low. He emphasized that each golfer is different and needs to play to their own strengths and not try to copy someone else’s style. Butch went on to say that as a player improves the mental game becomes more important. To be able to stay focused and deal with pressure will separate the good player from a great player. Butch is unique in the profession as he has never tried to teach a “model”. He teaches the entire player based on what they bring to him and then makes small tweaks. His track record is very impressive as he has worked with Greg Norman, Tiger Woods, and currently teaches Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els. He also mentioned that the teaching professional needs to keep evolving and be open to other instructors ideas and methods. When you think you know it all is when you stop learning and cease to become better. Butch was adament in that he constantly is learning from all experts in fitness, psychology, and club fitting. I have always had respect for Butch and now after speaking with him I know why he is #1.

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