PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit- that’s all I have to think about?

Feb 10th, 2011No Comments

While in Orlando in January I attended the national PGA Teaching and Coaching summit to learn from some of the leaders in the teaching business. Overall the experience was positive; however the amount of information out there on how to teach golf is overwhelming. There is finally a push to integrate more areas into teaching the game. It is becoming more of a common practice to teach swing mechanics, club fitting, golf specific fitness, and course management. What is still lacking is the understanding from PGA teachers on the importance of coaching basic mental game skills like focus, dealing with frustration, goal setting, and proper practice techniques. Listening to one of the instructors say that there are “only” 144 stroke variations for the swing and “only” 45 critical alignments to the swing. WOW! Now granted there are many parts to a swing, what I found interesting is that 500 of us top teachers were in the audience shaking our heads to how this is going to help me teach the average player get better. Golfers are already confused with all the information out there. Let’s get back to fundamentals, understand ball flight, basic cause and effect, and learn how to enjoy the game.

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