The week that changes lives

Dec 5th, 2008No Comments

We are in the middle of Q-School which will determine who gets to play on the PGA, LPGA, Champions, and Nationwide tours. Having worked with several players that have and are going through this process I am reminded about the difference that truly makes a difference for success. This difference is the mental game. All of these players that have come to this final stage can play very good golf. They all have quality swings, short games, and most have had some golf success. The difference with this week is that is determines an entire year of a career. This magnitude of the situation is what hurts some players from focusing on the process of each shot. Unfortunately one shot can determine success and failure. Most players say that being distracted for even one shot could result in a double bogey that will make the golfer fall in the standings. Perspective is important. Yes it is important, however each moment in the tournament needs to mean the same. For the PGA Q-school it is a final stage of 6 rounds. That is a lot of shots. The skill of focus is knowing what to place your attention on and sustaining it. For Q-School the tough part is sustaining it.

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