When should I start my junior with mental game training?

Oct 28th, 2010No Comments

When should I start my junior with mental game training?  This question has come up a lot in the last few years as mental game training is a key component for golfers.  And junior golfers are now using mental game coaches like me to help them get to the next level.  So really the question becomes is your child mature enough to handle those mental game skills.  So I started with seven year olds before, and we are talking about basic skills, like what you are focusing on, and pre-shot routine, and some stuff on confidence, but how I would approach them is going to be different than a 16 year old who has played a lot in tournaments, who is more mature.  We start talking about pressure and some other situations.  So as a parent, if you feel that your child is not handling competitive golf well, has a poor attitude, and needs a little bit of some support and some coaching, then certainly mental game coaching can be a solution for that.  When it comes down to course management and things like that, sometimes the local PGA pro teacher can help fulfill some of the basic needs.  As the child gets older, and some of the mental and emotional issues come to the forefront, then we definitely can use the mental game training even more.  So I would say a great age to get them started is between eight and ten on some basic mental game skills, and then as we start approaching the more competitive ages of 12 to 14, its definitely a key component for them to succeed, and of course, as we get into 15, 16, 17, getting ready for college golf, I think mental game skills are vital, whether you use a coach like myself, or get resources, books, and audio’s, I think it would really, really help that competitive junior at that age to take them to the next level.  So at any point just like you would do with physical skills, you can start introducing mental game skills and help your junior get to that next level.

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