Training vs. Trusting – What Mindset are you in?

Jul 24th, 2010No Comments

Every athlete knows the importance of training and developing the physical skills to beat the competition. Unfortunately, I have seen the athlete that never gets out of the training mentality and is always trying to perfect his or her skills. This leads to the problem of great practice player, poor game player.

When I work with this type of athlete I develop techniques to take an athlete from training mindset (practice) to trusting mindset (playing). Can you just go out and play your sport without being obsessed with mechanics? Can you play with confidence at the end of an important competition? If you can’t get into the trusting mindset try these mental game techniques.

  • Practice like you would play. This includes shifting from skill improvement to game simulation. Prepare your practice in such a way that it copies as close as possible to the competition environment.
  • Check your expectations and don’t be focused entirely on outcome. The goal is to stay committed to the process of your sport and remain focused in the present moment.
  • Develop a pre-competition routine. The goal of this is to get your physical body warmed up and your mind focused on the upcoming competition. Utilize imagery to pre-program how you want to perform that day. Stay clear on what is in your control as you enter a competition. Your mechanics are set, allow yourself to just play.

Shifting from training mindset to trusting mindset will allow you to play with confidence and freedom. Start today by balancing out your practice to be in both mindsets.

Pressure is self imposed. Are you putting pressure on winning or having a perfect performance? I coach my athletes to set high standards on how they will perform mentally. They stay confident, bounce back from adversity, and love to perform when it matters most. Start today by becoming a complete athlete through training your mindset.

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