Seminars and Corporate Events

Rick Sessinghaus brings his proven mental game coaching to groups through interactive group seminars. Rick has presented to groups across the country to both serious golfers and businesses interested in improving performance through using golf as the metaphor. These seminars provide a great way to learn the performance principles of champions and apply them that day on the course.

Rick Sessinghaus golf performance seminar topics include:

  • Mind-Body-Swing
    • Learn the fundamentals of the 3 performance factors to play great golf
  • Practice Like a Pro
    • Map out the exact plan to reach your golf goals
  • The Mindset of Tiger Woods– being at your best when it matters most
    • Learn the mental game techniques of the best to thrive under pressure
  • The Focused Golfer- Blocking out distractions to play your best
    • Learn to concentrate using the Focus Funnel to play any shot
  • The Competitive Golfer– doing what it takes to win your next event
    • Use the same system the pros use to prepare for big events
  • The Junior Golfer– Creating Champions on and off the Golf Course
    • Learn the keys to improve performance, develop character, and achieve the goal of a college scholarship


Thank you again for your great support of our junior summits.  This year, we had 264 parents and juniors attend these events and we thank you for the invaluable information that you provided to them. The participants certainly shared the same enthusiasm and feedback on how valuable and appreciated your information was.  We appreciate your willingness to be available and look forward to next year. 

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Workshops – Business Zone Workshop

Take AIM for Optimal Performance (Assess, Implement, Master)

Success in the high pressure, competitive environment of the business world means you must discover YOUR ZONE.

Finding your zone starts with mastering your inner game fundamentals so that you can take control of your destiny.

Sign up for this interactive, hands-on workshop that allows you to align your inner game fundamentals with your business skills. These skills are taught in a boardroom environment…and then experienced on the golf course. Each attendee is shown the three core skills that lay the foundation for their success as a leader. They learn the AIM Process…

  • How to Assess performance (so they can self-correct as necessary)
  • How to Implement and follow through on idea’s and projects (so things get accomplished)
  • How to Master skills (so acting like a champion becomes second-nature)

Walk away from this workshop with clarified motivation and the skills needed to take your company to the next level!

Knowledge is only as powerful as its application. With this workshop you apply the principles immediately to experience the benefits.

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What makes Rick Sessinghaus different as a professional speaker?

Rick’s energy is second to none. His background as a professional athlete and successful entrepreneur has given him a unique understanding of all the factors that contribute to performance. Rick’s high energy presentation is engaging and provides informative content. Every presentation is customized to meet the needs of the audience. Rick’s contemporary style utilizes research-based techniques to connect with his audience and a spark desire for change.

Rick’s insight synthesizes information from several different disciplines for the optimal success of his clients. Those who apply Rick’s proven techniques find an amazing increase in their productivity and motivation. Rick’s timely principles will assist you in cultivating the champion within yourself and build champions out of those you lead.

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Keynote Topics:

Finding Your Business Zone – master the business fundamentals and the mindset of peak performers.

Finding Your Business Zone: The Golf Workshop – experience Rick’s presentation in a unique workshop that involves playing golf to learn the keys to peak performance.

Take AIM to Optimal Performance: Overcoming Stress to Be at Your Best – utilize the latest in performance psychology to enhance performance in an increasingly stressful society.

Clark Kent vs. Superman: How are you showing up – improve leadership and teamwork through the understanding of the identity of a leader.

Enough is Enough: When the time to change is NOW! – learn how to embrace constant change and come out on top.

The Psychology of Optimal Health: Change your mindset to change your health – learn the performance principles that will increase energy, boost productivity, and maintain peak health from the inside out.

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