Many of us face the internal struggle trying to stay motivated at work. As the boss, we do not get a lot of encouragement from the people around us. That’s our job. We are the ones giving praise to our employees. So how do we stay motivated when we are down? We have to take it upon ourselves to become our own coach. Here’s how we can do that.

Identify When to Coach

If you are feeling anxious, stressed, or unsupported, it is definitely time to self-coach. Common things that could trigger these feelings are new projects, a big move, promotion, etc. Any feeling of unhappiness or discontent is a heads up that it’s time to coach.

What are you unhappy about?

You’ve already identified that you need to make changes, but finding where to start can actually be the hardest part. Are you targeting your career as a whole, project team, or personal life? Find the area that you are most unhappy. Making this better will create the most improvement in your life. For example, if you are unhappy at work but it’s because you cannot sleep at night because you live in a bad part of town, try to make the move to a better place. Your work life will be improved just from that one change. Remember to work on each problem one at a time. You may become overwhelmed trying to fix your entire life and you’ll need to coach yourself out of that additional anxiety.

Get a support system

As a leader or business owner, you may feel alone in trying to coach yourself and improve your life. You are the one others look up to and you are, in a sense, trying to improve their lives through a mutual success. Let people close to you know what you are trying to accomplish. You can never gather too much support for yourself. Having others’ encouragement can really get your mind set on your goals because you have people rooting for you as well.

Prepare for setbacks

Sometimes plans fail or they have to be postponed because life gets in the way. Be prepared for these situations and don’t get discouraged. Tell yourself positive affirmations and remember that coaching and self-improvement is a day-to-day process. Your business will get better and your leadership will get better day-to-day. Ask yourself why this setback is happening, evaluate, and come up with a new strategy to tackle what you need.

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