Long-Term Performance

Long Term Performance

Hi, I’m Rick Sessinghaus. I’ve been very fortunate to be a performance coach for over 20 years, and when you coach athletes, which is what I started with, and then you work into businesses and corporations and organizations, there’s two parts of performance. One is have you ever been obsessed with in the moment performance? […]

Performing for the Fans

Hi, I’m Rick Sessinghaus. I’m a huge sports fan, So throughout the years, I had my favorite baseball, footballer, basketball teams. And I find it, actually as I get older, very funny now to look at fans. What are fans? It’s short for fanatics. And why I say that I think I find it funny […]

Use Heart Rate Variability to Test Your Business Performance

Hi. I’m Rick Sessinghaus. Right now, I am measuring performance. Since I’m a performance coach and trainer, the hardest thing to do is quantify if your performance is getting better, and in real time. Right now, I actually am measuring my heart rate variability. What the heck does that mean? Well, we can actually decipher […]


Welcome to Part 5 of Don St. Clair and I’s discussion of leadership. Rick S.: So we’ve discussed innovation. Again, I like your plan on this is that it’s still part of the culture, right? Don. St. Clair: Absolutely. Rick S.: It’s communication. It’s feedback. It’s a safe environment and when you start to accumulate […]


Welcome to Part 4 of Don St. Clair and I’s discussion of leadership. Rick: So I’ve heard you say in some presentations that I’ve been part of, and we’ve had some conversations, about how innovation is actually part of leadership. I have never heard of that word being utilized in a leadership talk. Can you […]


Welcome to Part 3 of Don St. Clair and I’s discussion of leadership. You mentioned communication. Some of my background is in communication training and such, and what I have researched and noticed is that you could say one word in a meeting, which now creates a stress response in everybody. You already alluded to is […]


Welcome to Part 2 of Don St. Clair and I’s discussion of leadership. Rick: I would assume that the culture has, there are many, many, many things that add up to a full culture of how we do things. Don: Countless. You can’t enumerate them. Rick: When you talked about kind of effective leadership is creating […]


Don, thanks for coming. My background is in performance for an individual and in the last couple years going into certain companies, I’ve noticed there is a need, a big need, for organizational leadership and knowing you for the last couple years, I know you’re the expert in that field and as we look at […]


Hi, I’m Rick Sessinghaus. I know it’s a cliché to say live in the present moment. Yet, I have a hard time sometimes with that, thinking about the future too much, what projects do I have to do, or where’s that email have to go, or what happened yesterday? Oh yeah, yeah, I have to […]


Hi, I’m Rick Sessinghaus. Part of coaching performance with athletes, executives, and organizations, is you certainly want to talk about all the positive stuff, and the positive thinking, and all these great things that are going to help you perform better. However, let’s talk about the interferences that get in the way. I know one […]