What roles do you play each day? Do you find it hard to balance them all? You’re not alone. In superhero movies like Superman, we see a character play two different roles, but not simultaneously. In life, we play different roles, too; the trouble is, we often play multiple roles at the same time, and sometimes, we mix them up. Due to the advent of technology, we can be at work while at the same time texting our kids or other family members. Or we are already at home and we still check our work emails, receive work calls or texts, etc. Figuring out how to balance these roles is tough, but it’s something we absolutely must do so we don’t botch it all. Today, Rick shares his tips for getting the most out of each role you play, and out of life!

In this episode, you will…

  • Determine the importance of being focused on the moment
  • Learn how beneficial it is to understand your role
  • Learn to minimize stress while doing one role and perform your best
  • Find out the right questions to ask to put yourself in line with your role
  • Discover how to properly multi-task
  • Hear tips from Rick on how to balance your roles and create boundaries

What do you want to achieve in each of your daily roles so you can get the most out of life?

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