Founder of Peak Performance Sports, Dr.Patrick Cohn has dedicated his career to understanding sports psychology and finding what interferes with and improves peak performance.

“Understand what could get in the way. Then develop strategies to overcome them.” @PeakSports

When faced with pressure, some people shine and others choke, but what if there was a way to master the mental game and reach your peak performance by shifting your perspective? Whether it’s an elite athletic competition or a boardroom presentation, the same mental skills apply

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn several mental strategies that will help you to determine what is holding you back from performing at your best
  • Find out the difference between band-aid fixes and actual solutions that host your performance
  • Discover Dr. Cohn’s definition of peak performance and the myth of balance
  • Hear how the field of sports psychology has changed with technology and what’s on the cutting edge of performance and mental toughness training
  • Understand the techniques that Dr.Cohn has developed to help his clients to not only recognize the physiological changes of pressure but to find the underlying causes of pressure
  • Learn how specificity training is helping countless people to radically improve their mental game

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