What makes sports principles so powerful and how can you apply them in the boardroom? Being a part of a team is a unique experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Being a part of a team prepares you for more than just competition. Being a part of a team positively impacts your life, career, and character. Here are five elements that can carry over from the field to the boardroom.


True competitors are the lifeblood of sports and business and share many similarities.  Competition promotes efficiency and performance improvement.    We desire to win.  We desire to be promoted.  Being able to compare yourself to others builds you up and helps you become a better teammate and coworker. Without competition, there is no motivation to evolve into a better performer. Leaders know that healthy competition is a positive way to bring out the best in your team.


Being a part of a team is one of the most unique bonds you can form. Your coworkers work towards a common goal and inspire unprecedented support. You and your coworkers share a common ground; you are all facing the same pressures, opportunities, and rewards. Sharing these experiences can turn into a lifelong respect and connection in your field. It is essential to promote camaraderie within your team and form a bond for a common goal.


Being a part of a community has multiple benefits.  It promotes social engagement, giving back, and networking with people who can provide career advice or business propositions.  Taking initiative with people that care about the same endeavors as you do can mean better possibilities for your business. Leaders know that encouraging your team to give back to and be part of a community is an ensured way to grow both character and the bottom line.


There is a common phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  Networking provides you with the ability to connect with peers across all industries.  These connections can help you later on in your career whether it’s getting your foot in the door or collaborating on a business endeavor.  Successful business leaders know that any successful relationship begins with trust, and developing relationships around your community and within your industry is a spectacular way to begin building a network of trusted peers.


For many years, we have all heard that hard work builds character. Being responsible for your own success, your team’s success, and your family’s success builds your character and makes you a better person. Having mentors to look up to can inspire you to be better than you were yesterday.  Having great character is perhaps the most important element of a successful career and life.  A true leader knows that leading by example is essential in forming and keeping A-team members.

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