Do you remember what it was like learning a new skill as a kid? No? Well, that’s probably because learning was just a part of everything you did! Everything was new and everything required practice. Now, as an adult, you mostly know who you are – you know what your passions are, you have your hobbies, you go to a job every day that you know how to perform well, and you have a pretty clear idea of what your different roles are in life. That comfort, security, and stability is key to a happy life, but often makes it difficult to revert back to the state of insecurity and vulnerability, or the ‘beginner’s mind,’ required to effectively learn new skills.

Learn how to tap back into the ‘beginner’s mind’ you left so long ago, and rediscover what it feels like to learn a new skill, uninhibited by our ‘adult’ preconceptions!

In this episode, you will…

  • Get key tips on how to improve your learning skills and recapture your ‘beginner’s mind!
  • Hear how to transform frustration into curiosity to optimize your learning, today
  • Learn how to be open to possibilities and flexible during the learning process
  • Realize how to regain the ‘beginner’s mind’ we lose in the process of becoming an adult
  • Uncover why the secret to learning new skills as an adult is to have a beginner’s mind!

Your curiosity about learning will spark your engagement.” – Rick Sessinghaus

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