Work hard, play hard. We’ve all heard it, but have we really experienced it? Some of us just want to get to the fun part. Having a great career and successful business is all we want, but we have to remember that we can’t leap over the obstacles to get there. We have to go through the trenches with everyone else. To get what we want, we have to work extremely hard. Only after that can we really enjoy our accomplishments.

Everyone has a different definition of success. But there is usually one common thread throughout. Whatever makes you successful is whatever makes you happy. Your happiness is truly your goal. Obtaining happiness, in whatever form, is everyone’s definition of success.

It’s disguised in many terms like raising a family, making a certain amount of money, traveling around the world, cooking a meal perfectly. Whatever form, small or big, your goals and ultimate success make you happy.

True success is something you can feel on the inside. You can see it on people’s faces and the way they carry themselves and hear it in the way they speak. People change when they are successful.

If your goal is to run a successful business, either meaning you want a certain revenue or help the most amount of people, you can quantify success and qualify your success. We’ve all heard that money can’t buy you happiness. Some may disagree. But the quality of your success is the emotional paycheck you are going to earn every day. You can make a lot of money, but if you are unhappy or suffering while trying to obtain your goals, your emotional paycheck is going to be a negative amount, stealing from your quantified paycheck.

Of course, this is all figurative. We don’t get emotional paychecks in the mail. But if you did, would you be happy with yours?

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