Like many elite athletes, my guest today, Martin Grunburg, has discovered the secret to using pressure to his advantage through the power of habit. As a lifelong entrepreneur, experienced coach, and author, Martin has discovered the surefire way to ensure that you achieve your goals, which has revolutionized the way I look at coaching. In […]


“It’s one thing to achieve a goal, it’s another thing to repeat it.” -Zander Woodford-Smith When asked how many emotions you feel in the course of a week, most people have a fairly standard response ranging from five to twelve. However, leading research on emotions has indicated that we have the capacity to experience 34,000 […]

MANAGING YOUR MIND WHEN THE PRESSURE’S ON (AN INTERVIEW WITH EDGAR MARTINEZ) Today I have the honor of speaking with one of the best hitters in baseball, Edgar Martinez. From a third baseman, to a designated hitter, to a hitting coach, he has spent his entire career positioning himself and his team to achieve at the highest level. In this episode, you will… Be inspired by […]

ACHIEVE ELITE LEVELS OF PERFORMANCE Over the last few weeks, you’ve heard strategies and tips from some of the most elite people involved in the world of performance coaching. Today we’re going to switch it up a bit and I’m going to take the time to answer some of your questions about performance coaching. Over the last few weeks, […]