The people that you spend time with influence you more than you know. Their traits and habits start to become your own just because of their proximity. Attitudes and moods can reflect from one person to another in close proximity. When one person is in a bad mood, it can bring the whole office down.

Hiring people that are similar to you can also be problematic. Similar minds do not always get very far when it comes to creativity and innovation in business. Your inner circle are the people that you hire to be there. Collaboration is key. Having people from various backgrounds can be a huge advantage in your company. If your company is marked by being well-rounded and diverse, reflecting that in your hiring process is extremely important.

Your inner circle can also be people that you associate yourself with. A bad reputation is contagious. Make sure you surround yourself with honest, hard-working people that can only help you succeed.

Here are some personality types to watch out for in your inner circle. These people may not have your best interest in mind:


The people that always forecast doom and look at everything negatively just because they have had bad experiences in the past are the kind of people that can bring a great idea crashing down. Just because they have failed does not mean that you will. Learning from an experience is one thing, completely changing your tactic and avoiding a good idea is another. Keep the people that share their experiences and ask questions and still remain positive about the future.


Being admired greatly can be a huge ego boost and can send your self-esteem through the roof. But constant praise is not helpful in business. Constructive criticism needs to exist if you ever have hope of improvement. You will make mistakes and keeping the people around that are brave enough to point them out to you is the way to go.


We all need a job at some point. Some people are not passionate about their work. Make sure you are hiring the people that are ambitious, have goals, and will work hard and be enthusiastic about your company. Even if their goals are different than yours, an optimistic hard-worker is priceless. Stay away from the people that will just go from task to task with no purpose.

Your inner circle directly reflects who you are as a business owner, employee, and person. Make sure that you are associating yourself with the best kind of people. If you build it, success will come.

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