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It’s one thing to achieve a goal, it’s another thing to repeat it.” -Zander Woodford-Smith

When asked how many emotions you feel in the course of a week, most people have a fairly standard response ranging from five to twelve. However, leading research on emotions has indicated that we have the capacity to experience 34,000 different emotions.

Complete Coherence takes this research from Dr. Allen Watkins’ book, Coherence, to the next level by expanding the scope of leadership development and performance coaching to include emotional awareness, heart rate variability, and ultimately emotional mastery.

Today I get to interview the head of digital and online platforms, Zander Woodford-Smith from Complete Coherence on the impact emotions can have on our performance.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn what coherence is and how your physiology is affecting your behavior
  • Hear how Zander defines peak performance to include sustainable achievement
  • Learn of the possibilities of jumping to different emotional states based on your needs
  • Discover the three steps of evolving emotional states
  • Find out that recovery is one of the most important steps to sustaining peak performance levels (and hear some data behind rest and recovery)
  • Be empowered by the realization that you can control your emotions

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